wylie frieze carpet Back in the day, there was shag carpet. Shag carpet was a revolutionary new style in carpeting with a wild look and unbeatable softness. Shag has not maintained its trendiness over the years, but for homeowners in Wylie looking to capture shag’s former glory in a modern style, there is frieze carpet! Floor Coverings International Rockwall recommends frieze carpet for its durability, comfort, and more.

What’s the Twist?

The most distinct feature of frieze carpet is its appearance. The fibers are twisted very tightly for style and durability, not unlike a tight, twisted rope knot designed to remain fixed in place.

One problem with the old shag carpet style was its tendency to fray at the tips of the fiber clusters. Frieze carpet avoids this by design, yielding to furniture and other weights by taking the brunt of the force along the strong lengths of the twists. This way, the fibers bounce back unharmed instead of losing durability, as with some other carpet styles.

A Variety of Benefits

Frieze carpets are quite dense, meaning that compared to the average carpet, its fibers are planted much closer together in the carpet backing. This can cause an insulation effect, helping mildly to warm the home by retaining heat. It also dampens sound, making frieze carpet particularly effective on upper levels where noise can travel downward and disturb those below.

The thickness and density of frieze fiber will also hide dirt to a great extent, but frieze carpet should still be regularly vacuumed to keep it fresh and clean.

wylie frieze carpet

The Look of Freize Carpet

Frieze carpet is certainly a bold stylistic choice, but it tends toward the informal side. It may not be the best fit for an office setting or something similarly formal.

It is also capable of presenting simpler patterns, but more complex patterning is not possible with the particular structure of frieze fibers. To keep the original beauty of your frieze carpet, make sure to blot up spills promptly so that they cannot spread throughout the fibers.

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