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Whether you like it or not, the staircase is often a focal point in one’s home. It might be the first thing a person sees upon stepping into your foyer, or it might be what divides the living room and dining area. Either way, you want this feature of your Murphy home to be both stylish and functional. Carpet is a popular choice for staircase capping for countless reasons. Read below to learn from the experts at Floor Coverings International Rockwall about how you could benefit from carpeting your staircase!

Stair Carpeting Benefits

Many homeowners choose carpet for their stairs because it offers a number of practical benefits. Unlike hardwood or other wood-look floors, carpet offers softness and warmth. Not only will carpet cushion your footfall, but it will also help to prevent slips and falls down the stairs as it provides traction that hardwood doesn’t.

Carpet’s fibrous material is insulating, but not just temperature-wise. A carpeted staircase will also muffle the sound of footsteps, which is a huge perk for homes with many family members or rambunctious kids.

Carpet Selection

We offer a vast selection of carpet material to meet the needs of local Murphy homeowners. Whether your priority is comfort, utility, or style, we have just the carpet for you. Stick to low pile, looped carpet styles like Berber for added durability, or select a plush carpet for extra cushion and comfort. Our selection of stain-protected carpeting is a great choice for pet owners who might worry about accidents and carpet stains.

stair carpeting murphy

Stair Carpeting Considerations

While carpet might be the ideal choice for families who are worried about comfort, noise, and safety, it may not be a top pick for other homeowners. Carpet does have the potential to get worn down in high traffic areas much more quickly than hardwood or other dense materials. For this reason, you might consider only installing a carpet runner over your stairs. This style looks especially beautiful when placed over hardwood, and the runners are designed for easy installation and longevity.

Get Started in Murphy Today

Carpet is a wonderful choice for staircases as it offers comfort and safety. Contact Floor Coverings International Rockwall today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect carpet for your Murphy staircase. We proudly serve Wylie, Rockwall, Greenville, Murphy, Melissa and surrounding areas.

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