Hardwood Refinishing in MurphyOne of the wonderful things about hardwood flooring is that it is incredibly long lasting – when maintained properly, that is. Part of keeping your hardwood floors looking good for decades is knowing when to have them refinished. Hardwood refinishing is a simple process that can remove wear and damage while adding a protecting sealant to your floors. Read below to learn more about this essential service that the experts at Floor Coverings International Rockwall provide to Murphy homeowners!

The Hardwood Refinishing Process

Compared to installing, refinishing a hardwood floor is very easy. Depending on the wear and tear your floors have experienced, you could go about refinishing them in a few different ways. For floors where the finish is wearing off but the wood underneath remains unharmed, we’d generally recommend a simple screening or buffing. For this process, we buff off the old finish to even out the floor and then apply a fresh new finish to ensure your wood is properly sealed.

For floors that have incurred a little more damage like scratches or dents, we would start by sanding the floor. This will help to level out the floor while removing those surface scars. Afterward, you’ll be left with a smooth surface that we’ll coat with a fresh finish.

Benefits of Refinishing Your FloorsMurphy Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing a hardwood floor will make it look as good as new. This is a simple way to bring life into old floors, especially if they look worn down or damaged. However, there is more to refinishing than just aesthetics. Refinishing a worn hardwood floor can help boost your home’s resale value, too. Plus, this method of home renovation is much more affordable than replacing a damaged floor altogether!

The finish on a hardwood floor also serves as a barrier to protect the wood from moisture and scratches. If the finish on your wood is worn down in high traffic areas, this makes it susceptible to damage from shoes, grit, and moisture. On that note, refinishing your floors approximately every 5-7 years is an important step to elongating their lifespan.

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