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The first settlers on the east coast American shores relied on white oak for wagons, ships, and cabins. Today, this wood species is still used to create strong, durable, and modern hardwood flooring for Rockwall homeowners. You may be familiar with white oak as the contemporary sibling to the incredibly popular red oak, but white oak has many of its own desirable characteristics to explore.

Color and Graining

You may be surprised to learn that white oak hardwood floors are, in fact, not white in color! They are often slightly darker than red oak. The misleading name originates from the almost white appearance newly cut wood exhibits. Once in hardwood flooring form, however, white oak ranges from light tan to rich golden brown.

Many consider white oak a modern hardwood flooring option because of its minimal wood graining patterns. The smooth and uniform surface is visually simple with fewer distractions to the eye. Both the graining and color of white oak offer a neutral backdrop for your interior décor. If you are interested in refinishing and staining your hardwood flooring, white oak is also an excellent contender.

white oak rockwall

Durability and Maintenance

The Janka hardness scale is used to measure a hardwood floorings durability. The higher the score, the more durable. White oak has a score of 1360, making it a moderately durable hardwood flooring option. White oak is closed grain wood, which also makes it less susceptible to moisture damage! This makes white oak an ideal option for humid areas. The neutral tones, durability, and water resistance of white oak create a perfect hardwood flooring choice for Rockwall homes with children and pets.

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