murphy linoleum floor

Back in the Nineteenth Century, linoleum floors emerged an an impressive new option in manufactured flooring. Quickly catching the public interest, linoleum was commonly favored by homeowners for its versatility and durability.

Even the U.S. Navy took a liking to linoleum, commissioning a super-durable version for the insides of vessels — they called it “battleship linoleum.” Most homes don’t require protection from enemy battleships, but Floor Coverings International Rockwall encourages Murphy residents to check out our review of linoleum, the resilient floor with a history.

Linoleum Floor Structure

Provided in the form of glue-down sheets or tiles that snap together, linoleum floors are quickly and easily installed by professionals, allowing you to enjoy your new floors sooner. Linoleum is a tough material that provides a small bounce-back effect after compressing beneath weight. For this reason, as with cork, you don’t need to worry that your floor will be ruined by certain furniture pieces or excessive traffic. In fact, one of the materials used to create linoleum is cork dust, which contributes to the resilience effect.

Linoleum floors are resistant to water, which makes them a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, or anywhere else water makes a regular appearance. Resistance is not the same as immunity, though, so be sure to minimize the amount of water that is allowed to spill on linoleum. Many manufacturers will promote their linoleum as having a lifespan of several decades, and with a protective sealant to prevent scratches and scuffs, your floor can last even longer.

murphy linoleum floor

Linoleum’s Look

Some of linoleum’s durability is actually a product of its inherent color. Unlike vinyl or similar manufactured floors, linoleum’s colors and patterns exist within all the material — not merely as a surface print. This allows for linoleum floors to be refinished like hardwood!

The surface of your linoleum floor can be buffed and re-sealed for a restoration of its original luster. This can be especially helpful if your linoleum has turned an amber color from prolonged exposure to sunlight. For truly long-lasting linoleum floors, Murphy homeowners would also do well to wax them every few years.

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